Calvarese’s analysis on Genoa vs Inter: Arnautovic’s goal should be cancelled

Former referee Gianpaolo Calvarese has analysed the incidents that took place in the match between Genoa and Inter Milan.

In his analysis, Calvarese focused specifically on a moment of controversy involving Inter defender Jan Bisseck and Genoa midfielder Kevin Strootman shortly before Arnautovic’s goal.

Calvarese said, “The Rossoblù are protesting a push from Bisseck on Strootman just before Arnautovic’s goal. The Inter defender actually uses both arms and does not rest them on the opponent, but rather pushes him, with the ball ending up exactly where the two players are.” This statement suggests that Calvarese believes the referee made a mistake by not calling a foul in favour of Genoa, which, if awarded, would have led to the goal being disallowed.

Calvarese’s analysis didn’t stop there. He added that the referee, Doveri, didn’t blow his whistle sparingly. “In total, there were 28 fouls, 13 against Genoa and 15 against Inter,” said the former referee.

Despite this error, he concluded, “The game management remained on track. There were a total of four yellow cards, two for each team.”

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