Cagliari, Viola: It’s disappointing to lose in this way, the team was there

Nicolas Viola, the midfielder for Cagliari, has spoken through his club’s official channels ahead of their clash against Hellas Verona.

Viola expressed deep regret over Cagliari’s previous loss. He said, “It’s very disappointing to lose in this way. The team played well. In the first half, we created many chances. We’re still struggling to understand whether the goal we scored should have been valid or not.”

Viola also highlighted how a red card changed the dynamics of the game. “The expulsion negatively impacted the match,” he stated.

Moving forward, the Cagliari midfielder is putting that loss behind him. “We’re putting this result aside, as much as it hurts. Our focus is now on Empoli,” Viola said before praising the team fans.

He admitted, “It’s wonderful to have our fans with us, I’m confident they will support us in the next match.”

The Cagliari midfielder also discussed the controversial decision to disallow Goldaniga’s goal. “The image we have shows that it was the arm that was offside. If the arm can score, then it’s right to disallow it. Otherwise, I think it shouldn’t have been disallowed.”

Viola is keen on getting a better understanding. “If I make a mistake, I want to understand it. The freeze-frame shows that the arm’s position is under what is allowed by the rules. And the expulsion affected the match,” he concluded.

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