Cagliari, Bonato: We Wanted a Revision of the Growth Decree

Nereo Bonato, the Sporting Director of Cagliari, has spoken ahead of the club’s match against Empoli. The interview took place with Sky Sport.

Bonato discussed their upcoming games and potential transfers, indicating the club’s readiness to consider various options. He commented: “The transfer market is close but also far. We have two matches before the end of the first half of the season, two direct clashes that can change the rankings”.

He further elaborated on potential club strategies and plans for growth. However, he refrained from committing to any specific changes, stating they are “ready to receive and evaluate any feasible solutions that can assist in the group’s growth.”

Additionally, Bonato expressed his views on the ‘Growth Decree’. He acknowledged both the advantages and potential pitfalls of the decree. He revealed, “We would have liked a review of the decree, trying to keep the benefits and eliminate the drawbacks that could have been there especially at the youth sector level.”

Sky Sport carried these quotations as a part of their intensive coverage leading up to the game between Cagliari and Empoli.

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