Bologna’s Thiago Motta: Calafiori impressing me the most currently, ahead of Atalanta match

Bologna’s coach Thiago Motta spoke in a press conference ahead of their game against Atalanta tomorrow.

Praising Gasperini – Atalanta’s coach, Motta stated, “Compliments from Gasperini are always pleasing.” He credited his strong training for his past performances on the field. He claimed that his team is playing well and urged them to “continue in this way, with great responsibility”.

Talking about the three Swiss players in his team, Motta spoke highly of Aebischer, whom he’s known since last year. “He is a fantastic guy, always there, works well on and off the field. He understands everything we want quickly and I’m very pleased with what he’s showing,” Motta commented.

Freuler and Ndoye, who joined this year, have integrated well into the team according to the coach. Motta fondly spoke of the warm environments at his previous clubs – Genoa and Spezia, and expressed his contentment at his current club, Bologna.

“I feel the support of the people of Bologna, wherever I go. Everyone wants to continue to see these emotions, and today I feel very good here. I don’t need anything else to be well here,” Motta explained.

When asked about the player who had impressed him the most, Motta pointed to Riccardo Calafiori. “He is having an extraordinary time both mentally and physically. He’s confident and capable of fulfilling all our requests. Zirkzee too, along with Beukema, Orsolini, and Freuler, are showing significant consistency,” Motta commented.

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