Baresi warns Milan to not underestimate Rennes in football

Honorary AC Milan vice-president Franco Baresi has given his verdict on the Europa League draw following an exclusive interview with Sky Sports.

Speaking about AC Milan’s prospects against Rennes, Baresi stated: “We know we must never underestimate anyone in football. Milan always have to think big, be ambitious.” He went on to praises the French teams calling them “very special.” But emphasized that given Milan’s reputation, the club’s mindset should be focused on winning. Baresi underlined the importance of motivation, stating, “We must have great motivation, respecting everybody but underestimating no one.” With the match slated for February, player recovery and having a complete team will be key, claims the honorary vice-president.

Then turning his attention to the match between Milan and Monza, Baresi was all praises for his team’s performance. “It was a good game, we played well. It wasn’t easy against Monza.” He credits Milan’s speed in gameplay as a significant advantage. “They didn’t play their best game, but that was largely due to Milan. We played at a high tempo: when we manage to do this, we create problems for everyone,” he said.

You can read the full interview on Sky Sports’ official website.

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