Balotelli, Raiola claim numerous offers are on the table, criticise approach in Italy

The agent of former Inter striker Mario Balotelli, Enzo Raiola, has spoken out about the player’s future. In an interview with DAZN, Raiola addressed Balotelli’s career prospects amid speculation about his next move.

Raiola stated: “Balotelli has received numerous transfer offers.” He referenced Balotelli’s stints with Monza and Brescia highlighting that they were not happy times for the player due to various reasons, groin injuries being one of them.

Raiola further iterated that the narrative that since Balotelli was unsuccessful there, there is a generalized assumption, he might not be successful elsewhere. Raiola criticized this as an unfair perception common in Italy’s football culture.

This way of thinking, according to Raiola, also affects many Serie B players who perform well for several seasons but are never given the chance in Serie A, reinforcing the mindset of underestimation that Raiola believes exists in Italy.

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