Baldanzi Prepares for Decisive Strike at Roma

The expected departures of Belotti and Kumbulla are paving the way for Roma to swoop in for Empoli’s Tommaso Baldanzi. The Corriere dello Sport headlines “Baldanzi and Roma are now close”. The transfer market’s current movements will see Belotti heading towards Florence and Kumbulla moving towards Sassuolo. This shift would allow Roma’s sports director, Tiago Pinto, to land his latest catch.

It’s been reported that there is an agreement in place with the player and his entourage. The gap between Roma and Empoli is gradually closing.

Empoli’s Corsi assesses the player’s value at 15 million euros. A consequence of his goal scored at the Stadium against Juve. Roma is reported to be seeking a loan agreement, whereas Empoli would prefer to include Pisilli as a technical counterpart. However, Roma’s new coach, De Rossi, has said no.

De Rossi seems to have reservations about releasing the 2004-born player, who has already made his debut for the first team and scored in the Europa League. As a result, Pinto is proposing other options, with Pagano currently taking the top spot.

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