Baldanzi Vows to Give Him All for Roma

Roma’s new attacking midfielder, Baldanzi, has expressed his thoughts for the first time since his move from Empoli. During an official interview with the club, Baldanzi shared his feelings and aspirations.

“I would like to thank the Friedkin family for having such strong belief in me and for doing everything possible to bring me to Roma. I felt honoured by the interest this club and the coach have shown in me and I hope to repay all this trust. Training with great champions, I will have a lot to observe and learn. I can’t wait for Monday to experience the atmosphere of my new stadium. For my part, I will do everything to contribute to achieving the goals we have in front of us”, Baldanzi stated.

His words reflect both excitement and readiness to face the new challenges with his Roma side. As he steps into a new phase of his career, Baldanzi appears ready to absorb as much as he can from his esteemed teammates and eager to justify the faith placed in him by the club and coach.

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