Andreazzoli: We could have won with a bit of luck

Empoli’s manager, Aurelio Andreazzoli, reflected on the 0-3 loss against AC Milan in an exclusive interview with Sky Sport, expressing his dissatisfaction with the result but also his confidence in the team’s potential.

Andreazzoli referred to the physical ailments his squad has been facing as a significant hurdle. “It has been incredibly complicated,” he said. While managing injury concerns, Andreazzoli singled out Empoli forward, Gyasi, for stepping up and being available. The manager praised Gyasi, describing him as “truly wonderful” and stating that he performed as expected against formidable opponents. The source of these direct statements was Sky Sport.

Discussing the challenging situation Empoli found themselves in, Andreazzoli explained about his half-time team talk. He recalled reassuring the team not to focus on the harsh result at the break, but to aim for victory in the second half. Andreazzoli expressed his delight over the performance after the break, even suggesting that they deserved more credit than Milan.

If we had a bit more luck, Andreazzoli implied, the fixture could have turned out differently. Despite the loss, the manager commented that the second half was satisfying for him and every Empoli fan. He also acknowledged the significant contribution of Empoli’s substitute, Chaka Traoré, who nearly scored during the match.

According to Andreazzoli’s comments to Sky Sport, the game wasn’t just Milan’s success, but a strong display from Empoli as well. He emphasized that the team continues to work for the future and advised the club to consider necessary changes.


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