Akpa Akpro: Monza reportedly backtrack on redemption decision

Monza has made a decision regarding the buyout option for Akpa Akpro and his future prospects.

After his season with Monza, Akpa Akpro will return to Lazio.

According to Corriere dello Sport, the club from Brianza has decided not to exercise the €3 million buyout clause for the Ivorian midfielder.

A source close to Monza stated, “The decision not to proceed with the purchase of Akpa Akpro is final.”

Lazio will now have the task of determining Akpa Akpro’s future as he re-integrates with the squad after his loan spell.

Speculations suggest that other clubs might be interested in the 30-year-old, given his performances this season.

While nothing is confirmed, one thing is certain: Akpa Akpro’s immediate future lies back with Lazio, unless another suitor comes forward with an attractive offer.

The midfielder’s agent has not commented on the situation yet, leaving room for further rumours and discussions in the weeks to come.

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