Zirkzee reportedly not set to join a Serie A club, latest rumours revealed

The future of Dutch striker Joshua Zirkzee may swiftly change following the managerial shift at Bayern Munich.

Having showcased his talents at Bologna, Zirkzee has been on Juventus’ radar for several months.

The arrival of Vincent Kompany at Bayern Munich could alter the playing field considerably.

An insider close to Bayern Munich stated, “Kompany’s influence may lead to a revaluation of current player potential and lineup dynamics.”

This shift could potentially impact Zirkzee’s transfer status and influence whether he remains at Bayern or becomes available to other clubs, including Juventus.

Many speculate that Kompany’s arrival might lead to an internal shuffle, with priority given to retaining promising talents like Zirkzee.

A source from Juventus commented, “Our interest in Zirkzee remains strong, and we are closely monitoring the developments following Kompany’s appointment.”

The transfer market is being keenly observed, with clubs ready to pivot strategies based on the changes at Bayern.

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