Zirkzee: I feel at home at Bologna, on Champions

Bologna forward Joshua Zirkzee has expressed his contentment with his current team, applauding their performance and ambition in an interview with the official Bologna channels.

He said, “This summer I returned with a free mind, I am doing very well here. Last year served as an acclimation period. In Bologna, I feel at home.” The young star made it clear that he has a good understanding of the expectations set by head coach Thiago Motta for the entire team. It is evident in his words, which he conveyed by saying, “I only think about winning with this jersey.”

The 21-year-old Dutch player also opened up about the team’s focus. He cited that they are not overly concerned about their current standing, even though the satisfaction of being fourth is significant. Zirkzee said, “We don’t look at the standings, even if it’s greatly satisfying to be fourth and we strive to achieve these results.”

Keeping a balanced perspective about their performance, Zirkzee emphasised that the squad recognises the need for consistency and hard work. He said, “we know we must keep our feet on the ground and work every day. The team is strong, but things never happen by chance.”

Highlighting the squad’s youthful energy and depth, Zirkzee commented that the team is young, with exceptional team spirit and camaraderie. He elaborated, saying “There are many jokes among us, but we also know how to be serious. We are a great group, made up of many different personalities that together match well.”

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