Zazzaroni suggests Thiago Motta demands the moon from Juve in the transfer market

Ivan Zazzaroni has shared insights on what could be Thiago Motta’s tenure at Juventus, emphasising the current dynamics between the club and the coach.

In an interview with Tmw Radio, Zazzaroni discussed the potential appointment of Thiago Motta at Juventus. He highlighted that Motta is making numerous demands of the Bianconeri.

“He’s asking for the moon in terms of players,” Zazzaroni stated, indicating the high expectations that Motta has set.

Zazzaroni further revealed, “Giuntoli told me that they are not…” showing a clear indication from Cristiano Giuntoli about the club’s stance on the requests.

These comments provide a window into the ongoing discussions and the potential challenges that could arise in Thiago Motta’s possible move to Juventus.

It remains to be seen how the negotiations will unfold and whether Juventus will meet Motta’s substantial requirements.

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