Zazzaroni: Rocchi’s appointment of Massa is arrogant

Renowned football commentator, Ivan Zazzaroni, has once again expressed his views on the usage of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system in his commentary column in Corriere dello Sport. He has zealously discussed the appointment of referee Massa for the Genoa-Juve match.

Zazzaroni, in his commentary published in Corriere dello Sport, reflected upon the ambiguities associated with VAR. His concerns centered around the frequency at which the VAR protocol is updated, comparing it to the changing of underclothes.

His remarks were in reference to an incident in the Genoa-Juve game. “On Monday night, Rocchi explained to us that there was no penalty in the Genoa-Juve game, ‘in line with the protocol,’ the VAR Fabbri didn’t intervene because it was not a clear and obvious error”, Zazzaroni stated.

The commentator also addressed the appointment of referee Massa for the aforementioned match, which was a subject of controversy. Speaking on the issue, Zazzaroni described the decision is “a bit arrogant” due to the negative experiences in Napoli and Parma fixtures.

For more details on Zazzaroni’s commentary, you can visit Juventus News 24. His analysis further elaborates on the selection of referees and the implementation of the VAR system in the world of football.

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