Zanetti: Lavezzi shouldn’t be left alone, he needs help

The football world is expressing concern over the situation surrounding Ezequiel Lavezzi, former Napoli player. Lavezzi, currently in hospital, is going through a challenging time. Javier Zanetti, the Vice President of Inter Milan, has publicly shown his support for the Argentine forward, emphasising the importance of solidarity with “Pocho”.

Speaking to Argentine television network El Trece, Zanetti stressed the significance of mental health in professional football. “The mind is crucial, more important than the physical aspect,” he said. He also reiterated that modern players have more tools at their disposal than in the past.

According to Zanetti, the football community has a responsibility to assist those facing such situations. Instead of leaving them alone, he said, “we must lend them a hand,” indirectly quoting a part of his interview with El Trece. This statement underscores Zanetti’s commitment to supporting fellow professionals, especially in times of hardship.

Details surrounding Lavezzi’s current situation and health remain under wraps, but the support shown by leading figures like Zanetti sends a strong message of unity and brotherhood within the football community.

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