Yildiz, Juventus’ new star, sees soaring value

Kenan Yildiz, a young talent born in 2005, is being hailed as the new star of Juventus. Interest in the Turkish prodigy has surpassed that of football legends Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, according to latest reports.

The player’s market value currently stands at 10 million euros, according to Transfermarkt. However, European giants are reportedly keeping a close eye on the youngster, ready to invest up to four times that amount. There are predictions that Yildiz’s valuation could even climb to 100 million euros if he continues to get regular playing time, including starting matches such as the upcoming one against Sassuolo, and consistently showcases his skills.

Evidence of Yildiz’s growing popularity is also visible on social media. In just six months, his Instagram followers have quintupled, exceeding 600,000. Further, towards the end of 2023, his name made it the third most searched on Transfermarkt, trailing behind Messi and Ronaldo. These details were revealed by Italian sports newspaper Tuttosport.

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