Vogliacco says Gilardino is significant for Genoa, hints at future plans

Genoa defender Alessandro Vogliacco spoke out regarding the imminent end of the season for the Rossoblu team and the future of Gilardino in an interview with Tuttomercatoweb during the ‘Stelle nello Sport’s 25th anniversary celebration.

Vogliacco used the platform to emphasise the importance of Gilardino to the Genoa squad. “Gilardino is important for Genoa,” the defender told the Tuttomercatoweb microphones. His comments appear to hint at the fact that the striker might be up for further discussions about his future place in the team.

The defender also highlighted the team’s priority in ensuring the continuity for the season’s successful run. He added, “Our priority is to give continuity…” This statement leaves room for interpretation, but it’s clear that Vogliacco and his teammates are eager to maintain the stability that has underpinned their performance this year.

As the curtain comes down on this season, Genoa and its key players seem to be firmly focused on maintaining their form and ensuring the team stays solid into the next season.

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