Verona’s Baroni focuses on pitch despite Bastoni’s foul incident

In a press conference ahead of their match against Empoli, Hellas Verona’s coach Marco Baroni has urged his team to ignite the fanbase’s passion.

“(Tomorrow) we will have the usual support. It’s an important match, I know the stadium crowd will lend a hand. Then, we’ll need to be the ones sparking things off,” said Baroni, underscoring the critical role of the home fans.

For Baroni, the focus is on the performance on the pitch, not the transfer market. He said he keeps reminding his players about what truly matters: their commitment to their team and the jersey they wear. The message emphasised by him to his squad is to shy away from any external distractions, keeping their focus solely on the game and their performance on the field.

Contextualising an incident involving his player, Bastoni, where he threw an elbow during a match, Baroni saw it as something that can occur in the heat of the moment in football. Instead of dwelling on it, he stated his team has moved past the incident, drawing on the positives from the match and carrying them forward.

Baroni is quoted as saying the above statements in a press conference.

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