Verona’s appeal upheld: Closure of Curva cancelled

The Sports Court of Appeal has decided to overturn a two-match ban on Verona’s stand, imposed following racist insults directed at Cagliari. Here’s the verdict.

In a statement, it was announced: “Following an urgent appeal by Hellas Verona FC, which was also assisted on this occasion by Lawyer Stefano Fanini, regarding the closure of the ‘South Lower Curve’ sector for two matches, the National Sports Court of Appeal, at the end of today’s hearing, fully upheld the appeal and annulled the punishment against the Club.”

The Verona football club had presented an appeal against the closure decision, supported by their legal representative, Stefano Fanini. At the end of the hearing which happened today, the Court ended up accepting the appeal in its entirety and revoked the imposed sanction on the club.

These details were relayed through a statement released by the Sports Court of Appeal. This move came after Verona was met with accusations of its audience racially abusing players from Cagliari during a match, leading to a two-turn ban on the club’s curved stand.

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