Verona vs Empoli: A challenge between the tournament’s worst attacks. The numbers

In a high-stakes football clash, Hellas Verona and Empoli will fiercely compete, both teams notoriously having the weakest offence in the tournament.

Surely, as the season has already hit the midway point, it’s clear that a draw will not suffice for either of the two teams. They desperately need a significant turnaround, particularly in the offence, according to Calcionews24.

In fact, both Hellas Verona and Empoli have the worst offensive records in the league. With only 16 points for Hellas Verona and a mere 10 for Empoli, an intense battle is anticipated.

These statistics hence signify a critical game for both teams, where not only points but pride are at stake. An aggressive offence is expected as both teams vie for survival in the league season.

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