Verona, Baroni: Matches where I’d like to gain advantage. Stick to performance

Verona’s head coach, Marco Baroni, has expressed disappointment following the match against Fiorentina. It was a game where Verona had seen it as an opportunity to secure points based on the team’s performance in the first half. Verona’s coach shared his thoughts post-match with the sports broadcasting network Dazn.

In an interview, Marco Baroni said, “There is disappointment for the team and for the fans.” He observed that based on the team’s first-half performance, they could even have finished in the lead. “We have to stay attached to the performance,” Baroni added, “[but] there remain matches in which I would like to take the lead.”

The focus now, according to Baroni, must be on upcoming matches. He spoke positively about the team’s growth, highlighting an increase in their awareness and an improvement in their speed when attacking. Despite these positives, though, he was explicit about the disappointment at the missed opportunities, saying, “it is incredible that we were not able to score.”

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