Verheyen warns Inter: Buchanan has many issues, let me explain

Former Club Bruges mainstay, Gert Verheyen, has provided insights to Tuttosport on Inter Milan’s interest in Tajon Buchanan. The young winger, who made a name for himself at Bruges, has been a recent target of the prominent Italian football club.

Verheyen expressed that Buchanan is undeniably talented but is not without issues, particularly his temperament on the football pitch. Verheyen said Buchanan exhibits a “strange character,” quite apparent during his stint at Club Bruges, initially playing as an adept and traditional left or right winger. He was often the playmaker, doling out assists and performing effective one-on-one plays.

However, unforeseen circumstances led to Buchanan being moved into the right back position, a shift that Verheyen does not think suits him. According to Verheyen, Buchanan is not inherently a defensive player and lacks the skills to adequately fill the role of a right back. He suggested that Buchanan might perform better in a dominant team where defensive responsibilities are fewer.

Verheyen also pointed to Buchanan’s role in his national team, Canada. According to him, neither at Club Bruges nor in the Canadian national team, is Buchanan the most important player. He commented that Buchanan often engages in unnecessary altercations with referees and quarrels with opponents, showing signs of constant frustration rather than enjoyment on the field.

“In my opinion,” Verheyen said, “he seems to have lost the ability to simply enjoy the game, as he often wears an angry expression.”

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