Venice, Vanoli: We have a significant goal ahead, we can no longer hide

Paolo Vanoli, the head coach of Venezia, recently expressed his thoughts on his team’s performance in the current Serie B season during an interview with Il Gazzettino.

In his comments, Vanoli underlined his immense pride at managing the team. He drew comparisons to Genoa’s performance in the previous season when it ended in a promotion to Serie A after finishing second with 32 points. He said, “Today we are second with 35,” hinting at the prospect of a similar journey for his side.

Despite acknowledging the potential challenges from competitors like Parma or other teams vying for the top spots, Vanoli remained positive. He stated, “All are welcome, we should only be proud.” He further admitted that while their journey so far had been arduous, they plan to take a breather before embarking on the next phase of their campaign.

He also highlighted the necessity to accept their responsibilities and aim to win the remaining 19 games. He suggested that their rivals, who previously approached them mildly, will now confront them with greater tenacity and resolve. Notwithstanding the impending challenges, he commended his team and encouraged them to continue on the determined path.

Vanoli’s confident remarks underline Venezia’s ambition and readiness to face the competitive challenges of Serie B. He emphasised their evolution into a formidable force and urged his players to give their best in the games ahead.

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