Venezia reportedly considers Oristanio and Tessman crucial in discussions with Inter

Venezia’s transfer market activities are heating up as Inter directors Giuseppe Marotta and Piero Ausilio held a crucial meeting today.

Marotta and Ausilio welcomed Venice’s sporting director, Giorgio Antonelli, to their headquarters, aiming to discuss the potential acquisition of talented players Gaetano Oristanio and Tanner Tessmann.

Today marked a decisive day for Inter’s transfer dealings, not solely because of the progressing negotiations for Josep Martinez. An agreement with Genoa for the goalkeeper is expected to be finalised soon.

“Antonelli arrived at our office to push forward the talks regarding Oristanio and Tessmann,” said a source close to the discussions, highlighting the importance of this meeting.

The talks between the two clubs are ongoing, focusing on identifying terms that would benefit both parties involved in the potential transfers.

As the summer transfer window progresses, fans and stakeholders eagerly await further updates regarding these promising negotiations.

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