Bijol Indicates Udinese as Ideal Place for Future Growth

Udinese’s formidable defender, Jaka Bijol, piques the interest of numerous top-tier Serie A clubs. However, the Slovenian player remains solely focused on his duties in black and white stripes.

Bijol was among the high-performing Udinese players last season, demonstrating strong competency throughout 32 matches and scoring 3 goals. This season, an unfortunate foot injury has side-lined him since early December. The player recently shared his Italian experiences to date in an interview with ‘Champions of Made in Italy’, a programme by Lega Serie A in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency.

When it comes to his growth as a footballer, Bijol had this to say about Udinese and Udine: “Udine and Udinese are a perfect combination for a young player to grow. We have everything we need, the club provides us with all the necessary tools to perform at our best. Udine is a small and peaceful city, unburdened with unnecessary worries and distractions. All you need to focus on is football, which I believe is an ideal environment for a footballer’s growth.”

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