Udinese, Cioffi: Condemned by one incident, but confident in our approach

Gabriele Cioffi, the Udinese coach, gave some insights after the match against Torino.

In a post-match interview with Dazn, Cioffi shared his reflections on the game and stated that although the match was challenging, his team displayed stand-out performance.

Cioffi noted, “The game was not easy, but this is the path. What we needed was a touch of luck.” He suggested that his team could have performed slightly better during the first half, but acknowledged that the draw was the ultimate fair result.

Having said that, he stated that had his players come out victorious, it would have been a welcomed Christmas gift. Cioffi underscored that his team managed the game well, and that they didn’t give many chances to Torino.

He affirmed that he couldn’t recall any major blunders or glaring mistakes made by his side. “We played as Udinese, we were aware of the difficulties we were facing. An episode condemned us, but I am convinced of the path we have taken,” said the Udinese coach.

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