Turin, Juric: We keep going to stay as high as possible

Torino’s head coach, Ivan Juric, has shared his thoughts following his side’s match against Empoli.

In a post-match interview with Dazn, Juric analysed the performance of his team.

He commented, “Today was a complete game, we were a real team. We did everything we had to do to win and it was not easy against a team that has won in Florence and Naples.”

Juric continued to express his satisfaction with the team’s recent form: “I am very pleased with the last eight matches, I see the right spirit, we have earned points and we are playing good football.”

However, Juric seemed reticent to discuss possibilities of European competition next season. He chose instead to focus on the immediate future, stating, “The league is tight, but I have a good feeling. We want to continue like this and stay as high as possible.” Juric’s remarks imply the team is keen to build on their successes, without becoming distracted by prospects further down the line.

Despite the challenges posed by Empoli’s recent wins in Florence and Naples, Torino appears ready to step up to the plate. The resilience expressed in Juric’s words reflects a team eager to make its mark in the fixture-packed world of football.

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