Turin, Cairo: Explaining the problems of Italian football

Urbano Cairo, the President of Torino football club, has recently spoken out about the financial challenges facing Serie A clubs. This followed a meeting with Gabriele Gravina, president of the Italian Football Federation, and representatives from other Serie A clubs.

Cairo is quoted as saying, “In the last year, we have lost 1.3 billion [in revenue], these are substantial financial debts. Football has faced severe difficulties since Covid started; this needs improvement.”

He continued by emphasizing how increased costs, alongside decreasing revenues, contributed to the clubs’ financial plight. The President stated that these issues are having a negative impact on the sustainability of the clubs’ operations. Cairo mentioned that this financial distress is exasperated by the lack of support from the Italian government.

“The state and government do not provide the minimum help,” explained Cairo, source of the quote being the meeting with Gravina and other Serie A clubs. He argued that, even when clubs invested in high-value players such as Lukaku – thereby contributing around two million euros to the state through player wages – there was no government support in return.

Bemoaning the removal of the Growth Decree (Decreto Crescita), a provision that incentivised football investments, Cairo claimed it penalises football without any benefit, even to the state. The Torino president appears to suggest that the state of Italian football could be improved if the government offered increased support and cooperation.

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