Juventus’ Danilo Reveals His Plans for the Future

Danilo, the stalwart defender of Juventus and the Brazilian national team, has opened up about his future plans and perspectives on Italian football.

Serving as a mounting pillar for Juventus, Brazilian defender Danilo arrived in Turin in 2019 as part of the swap deal that saw Cancelo moving to Manchester City, now at Barcelona. The player recently expressed his thoughts on his future to TNT Sport.

Discussing his career plans, Danilo said, “I am not thinking about returning yet. América Mineiro was my first club and I think what Moisés did was very nice: going back to my roots and closing the circle. However, I am thinking of ending my career in Europe.”

Following up on the current trajectory of Italian football and Juventus on its journey to the Champions League, the defender stated, “Italian football has been undergoing a renewal phase for a few years now and it is valuing the young. We have always looked at Italy as a country where players tended to arrive late, but now they are bringing up young people who are showing their potential and their talent, with good results. Juventus is following the same line and is very committed to financial sustainability, in other words, it is thinking long term. I feel that this is ‘year zero’, a new beginning, in which we want to return to the Champions League and regain respect in the entire football world. And, of course, we fight for the title until the end, just like in the Italian Cup.”

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