Transfer Frenzy at Verona: Setti Unleashed Amidst Exits and Arrivals

In the latest transfer news, Hellas Verona team, led by Setti, have been incredibly ambitious in their negotiations. They have recently confirmed the signing of two new players to the squad.

Dani Silva, a formidable talent from Vitoria Guimaraes, was purchased for £2 million, with an additional 10% on resale going to the Portuguese club. Silva has penned a four-year contract with Verona.

Furthermore, the Italian club has successfully acquired Belahyane from Nice for a modest £500,000 euros, with future resale profits secured for the French team.

However, Verona’s ambition does not stop there. The enthusiasts note it is insistent on negotiating with Hammarby to recruit Kurtulus.

On the other side of the transfer spectrum, several departures from Verona are in the pipeline. Hrustic, Dawidowicz, who is currently being courted by Atalanta, and Amione, who is rumoured to be in talks with Santos Laguna for £3.5 million, are all set to wave goodbye to the club.

These transfer movements and speculations were reported by Tuttosport. With the festive season around the corner, it seems like the Verona team is not taking a break but instead getting ready for challenging times ahead.

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