Tottenham’s Postecoglou: Here’s why Dragusin was the best choice

Tottenham Hotspur manager Ange Postecoglou has addressed the media ahead of their Premier League showdown against Manchester United.

The manager was particularly vocal about some of his strategic decisions. His latest pick, namely young footballer Radu Dragusin, was a primary topic of discussion.

Postecoglou was quoted saying in the press conference, “Dragusin? He is a good choice for us, he’s young and has some great qualities. When it came down to the details, I thought he was the best choice for us. He was our number one target.”

The Tottenham coach’s appreciation for the player didn’t end at his youth and skillset alone. He further expressed faith in Dragusin’s defensive and physical attributes. He accentuated the need for more than two high-level central defenders in the team.

Postecoglou believes that this move will not only add value to the Spurs but also augur well for Dragusin’s national prospects, “He’s come to a big club where he knows he needs to compete to play. It will even benefit him from a national perspective.”

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