Tottenham’s offer for Dragusin: Genoa’s Gilardino hopes no one leaves

Genoa’s manager Alberto Gilardino discussed the future of his defender Radu Dragusin in a recent press conference.

He spoke highly of Dragusin, commenting on his skills and physicality. “I always push Dragusin in training because he’s two meters tall and should get into the area like a freight train and score goals. He has the ability and physique.” said Gilardino.

The manager did express worries about the player potentially being taken by other clubs, words that appear to acknowledge possible interest from elsewhere. He noted “It’s important, we hope they don’t take him away. Tottenham’s offer? I hope no one leaves and that the club can make a sacrifice.”

He further acknowledged the difficult financial decisions the club may face, “At the same time, I would understand the club if it had to make a sacrifice in another way.” Gilardino makes it clear he sees Dragusin’s worth, but also understands the realities of football’s economic landscape.

Yet for now, Dragusin remains a key component of Gilardino’s plans going forward at Genoa.

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