Toro’s Buongiorno Could Head to Napoli, Leaving Captain’s Band Up for Grabs

The future of Alessandro Buongiorno with Torino hangs in the balance.

Napoli is close to securing the defender, while Inter has eased out of the race.

Should Buongiorno leave, several top players are in line for the captain’s armband.

Torino supporters are dreading the possibility, as it might mark the shortest tenure of a captain in the club’s history.

The 1999-born player has been pivotal for Torino, which makes the potential departure all the more impactful.

According to sources close to the matter, Napoli has made significant strides in negotiations with Buongiorno’s representatives.

Meanwhile, Inter, initially interested, seems to have retracted its pursuit.

A spokesperson for Torino remarked, “Alessandro’s contribution has been invaluable, and his potential exit is a subject of great concern.” This statement was obtained by SportItalia.

If Buongiorno moves on, there is no shortage of candidates to step up as the new captain.

Long-term teammates and key figures in the squad are being considered for the role.

Buongiorno’s exit would not be just a loss on the pitch but also in the locker room, where his leadership has been paramount.

The transfer saga is expected to unfold over the coming weeks, with fans closely monitoring every update.

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