Torino’s Transfer Market Stalled as Radonjic Holds the Club to Ransom

The future of Torino FC’s transfer market seems to be greatly influenced by the potential exit of Nemanja Radonjic, reports suggest. According to Italian daily newspaper Tuttosport, the Serie A club finds itself in the grips of the Serbian footballer, who presently appears to be the only player attracting transfer interest.

Unlike other squad members such as Buongiorno, who despite being pursued by big clubs is seen by Torino management as non-transferable, Radonjic is not deemed indispensable. Club director Cairo and Coach Juric have held firm against transferring Buongiorno, demonstrating the player’s value to the team.

Radonjic, according to reports, is keen to join Monza Football Club. Should a deal be struck, the earnings from this could pave the way for Torino’s sporting director, Vagnati, to approach Verona to secure the transfer of Josh Doig, all at the request of Coach Juric.

The problem, however, lies in the inability of Monza and their Director, Adriano Galliani, to meet Radonjic’s £3m valuation. Tuttosport highlights that Monza are offering considerably less than what Torino is asking for, resulting in the current stalemate. It appears evident that despite interest from other quarters, the Serbian’s mind is made up: it’s either Monza or no one.

Adding another twist to the tale, Radonjic has reportedly turned down an offer from San Jose Earthquakes, a Major League Soccer (MLS) team in the United States. Despite their generous £3.5m offer meeting Torino’s financial requirements, Radonjic chose not to accept it, leaving the Lions’ transfer market in a state of limbo. It’s a clear indication of the player’s intention to move only to his club of choice, regardless of the financial prospects of other offers.

For now, the transfer activities at Torino remain on hold, pending the resolution of this impasse involving Radonjic, Monza and Torino. But with time gradually ticking away, all parties involved will be keen to find a resolution sooner rather than later.

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