Vagnati Criticises Radonjic for Causing Numerous Issues

Davide Vagnati, the technical director of Torino, has spoken out about Nemanja Radonjic’s recent move to Mallorca on loan until the end of the season. Radonjic joined the Spanish side after an underwhelming spell in Torino, where he failed to demonstrate his expected talent.

During a press conference at Torino, Vagnati detailed the circumstances around Radonjic’s departure. “I spoke to him a few days ago, he is a good-hearted lad. Unfortunately, he has significant mental endurance issues, perhaps even workload issues that he struggled to cope with during the week. He frequently needed breaks. It is not a question of Torino or the coach; to reach certain objectives, one needs to continuously be at their best. He’s not a youngster anymore, if he changed teams often, evidently there is an issue. It’s normal to feel regret, but I always try to see the glass half full: we didn’t invest an exorbitant sum, he gave us a hand and managed to resolve a few matches for us. Now we will see at Mallorca, we will decide his future this summer,” revealed Vagnati.

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