Torino Sporting Director Vagnati reportedly focusing on Vanoli and defence overhaul.

The Torino project under Paolo Vanoli is beginning to take shape. Sporting Director Davide Vagnati is hard at work, and following the arrival of Venezia’s former coach, the focus is now on the club’s defence.

Torino is recommencing from its foundations and, indeed, it could hardly be otherwise. The departure of Ivan Juric after three years has left many doubts and uncertainties within the club.

“We have a clear vision for the future and rebuilding our defensive line is crucial,” Vagnati said, as reported in an interview with La Stampa.

He further emphasised the importance of stability: “Vanoli’s arrival marks the beginning of a new chapter, and we need a solid defence to build upon.”

Vagnati is known for his meticulous approach to transfers and is expected to pursue several targets to bolster the backline.

“Securing the right players will be pivotal for our success this season,” Vagnati added, reaffirming his commitment to bringing in top talent.

The club’s supporters remain hopeful that these strategic moves will reinvigorate the squad.

The appointment of Vanoli is viewed by many as a fresh start after the somewhat tumultuous tenure of Juric.

Still, questions linger about how quickly Vanoli can implement his vision and what immediate impact it will have on the pitch.

Nonetheless, there is a palpable sense of optimism and anticipation as Torino look to lay down the foundations for a more robust and promising future.

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