Torino reports extended delays for Devis Vasquez from AC Milan due to issues at both clubs’ training centres.

The transfer saga for Torino’s latest market acquisition has taken an unexpected turn, leaving fans in suspense.

Despite initial reports suggesting the deal was virtually completed, there has been no sign of the player at the club.

This sudden twist has left many wondering what transpired.

In Milan, the situation appears to be unfolding behind closed doors, causing confusion among supporters.

For the past two days, Torino fans observing or seeking updates on the club’s early-season training sessions have been left with significant uncertainty.

The conspicuous absence of the new signing has sparked numerous questions.

A source close to the club, speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, noted, “We were all but certain the player would be joining us by now.”

The source continued, “To have no update or arrival at this stage is quite perplexing.”

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