Torino, Juric: We wouldn’t have conceded that goal if we had wanted to win

Ivan Juric, the head coach of Torino, voiced out his perspective post-match against Fiorentina, where he was rather discontented about his team’s performance, particularly with their missed opportunities. The comments were made in an interview with Dazn following the Fiorentina-Torino game.

“I believe the first half was fantastic, but we should have scored goals,” Juric stated. He reflected on several instances where he believed the opportunities were not well exploited.

In interpreting the coach’s words, the second half had more of a combative tone, with Fiorentina exerting more pressure but not making any attempts on goal. Juric expressed frustration with his team’s lack of competitive aggression, which he believes led to conceding Fiorentina’s goal. “Had we wanted to win, we wouldn’t have conceded such a goal”, he was quoted.

He mentioned some satisfaction with the team’s overall performance in the last few months, but not much could be said about the recent game. In the first half, Juric believes, “We made a strong appearance in Florence and dominated”.

However, he concluded his comments with a somewhat pessimistic note, acknowledging that his team needs and is striving to do more, but they have not been successful so far.

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