Tomori: I feel like a Milanista, comments on Ibrahimovic’s return

Fikayo Tomori, central defender for AC Milan, spoke to Italian broadcaster Sportmediaset about the team’s performance this season and more.

On the subject of teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Tomori says the Swedish striker always maintains a winning mentality whether on or off the field regardless of injuries. “He has a winning mentality, he always wants to win and that was the case whether he was on the pitch or when he was injured,” Tomori shared with Sportmediaset, adding that he expected the same determined mindset from Ibrahimovic moving forward. Furthermore, Tomori expressed joy at the prospect of Ibrahimovic’s return to the team.

When discussing their upcoming match against Monza, he highlighted the team’s focus on maintaining concentration throughout the entirety of the game. “We are working on staying focused and concentrated for 95 minutes, for the entire match. Lately, we have lost a few points and now we must think primarily about ourselves rather than focusing on league standings,” he pointed out.

Reflecting on his relationship with the club, Tomori said, “When I arrived here, I hadn’t played for almost a year, they [AC Milan] immediately gave me a lot of advice to improve. I feel appreciated and that makes a difference to me. I consider myself a Milanista.”

He went on to reinforce his attachment to the Italian club, emphasizing his sense of commitment and belonging to the Milanese squad. Further details about his interview can be found on MilanNews24.

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