Tiago Pinto: Ready for Anything after Roma in Future

Tiago Pinto, the General Manager (GM) of football club AS Roma, spoke to The Athletic about his past three years at the club and his future aspirations.

In the interview, Pinto admitted that he is the type to appreciate challenges rather than staying comfortable at the same place for a long period. He believes that his time at Roma is nearing its end, since the goal he had set upon assuming the role has almost been accomplished. He confessed, “I think the cycle is near the end. I am not talking about the Roma cycle or Friedkin cycle, but my mission was almost accomplished. Personally, I feel tired.” Pinto did not specify the source of his exhaustion or the exact nature of his goals.

As regards Pinto’s future plans, the Premier League featured prominently. He highlighted that everyone in football, from players and coaches to directors, seek to become part of the English Premier League, widely regarded as the best in the world. “Premier League? It’s the competition everyone wants to be in,” he stated. Pinto expressed his desire to experience the league first-hand someday, hinting at a potential move when he is ready to leave Roma.

Pinto’s frank conversation with The Athletic signals potential significant changes for AS Roma in the near future. However, he didn’t indicate any timeline or specific plans for his departure. This leaves the fans and the at large football community eagerly anticipating his next move.

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