Thiago Motta prior to Bologna Genoa: Calls for focus and comments on Orsolini

Bologna’s manager, Thiago Motta, has given his thoughts to Sky Sport ahead of their Serie A clash with Genoa at Stadio Dall’Ara.

Motta, in the interview, emphasised the importance of the right mental attitude for the team. He was quoted saying, “Today, the mind counts, we have to play at our best as we always do in Serie A to get what we want.”

The Bologna boss also touched on their upcoming Coppa Italia competition but strongly emphasised their focus is squarely on their match against Genoa. “We are thinking only about Genoa and not about the Coppa Italia,” he explained.

He suggested that his team selection for tonight’s game will rely heavily on who is in the best condition to start. “Tonight, those who are in better shape will be in the starting line-up,” added Motta.

Thiago Motta also shared some light on the crucial role that Orsolini plays in his squad, stating that “Orsolini is important to us.” He did not, however, expand further on Orsolini’s role in the upcoming match.

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