Thiago Motta on Cagliari Bologna: Absences? We have alternatives

Bologna’s head coach, Thiago Motta, has given a statement ahead of the team’s match against Claudio Ranieri’s Cagliari at Unipol Domus. Motta, who has also attracted interest from AC Milan, expressed his views on the upcoming encounter.

Speaking about Cagliari’s strengths, Motta mentioned, “Yes, they have some absences, but they do have alternate solutions. They are a well-structured team that executes efficient crossing in their attacks.” Emphasising his strategy, Motta further added, “We must not allow them to dominate freely. We aim to attack the ball, defend as a unit and be aware of vertical movements.”

Motta also expressed his admiration for Claudio Ranieri. He claimed that Ranieri has always been a role model for him. “Ranieri is a gentleman in every sense. He always has the right words at the right moment and knows how to get his players to perform at their best. I was very fortunate to have him as a coach,” Motta said.

Commenting on tactics pertaining to time wasting, Motta stated that long passes and second balls are part and parcel of the game. However, he disapproved of time wasting and simulation. He vehemently stated, “Time wasting and simulation are not parts of our game; we promote respect for the opposition and discourage simulation. Our training sessions are conducted this way to help referees during the match.” Motta also added that he would like to invite a referee-in-charge to watch their training sessions to illustrate his point.

Further details on Motta’s press conference can be found at CagliariNews24.

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