Theo Hernandez facing crucial hurdle to facilitate Milan full-back’s departure, latest updates suggest

Is Theo Hernandez set to say goodbye to AC Milan? Here’s the potential transfer domino effect that could initiate negotiations.

The future of Theo Hernandez in the next transfer window will almost certainly hinge on the status of Bayern Munich full-back Alphonso Davies.

As reported by Relevo, Davies has yet to provide an answer to Bayern’s contract renewal offer.

This uncertainty is causing a ripple effect in the transfer market, potentially opening the door for Milan and Hernandez to part ways.

A source close to the negotiations stated, “Davies’ decision will have a significant impact on Hernandez’s future at Milan” (Relevo).

One club insider revealed, “If Davies doesn’t renew, Bayern might look to Theo Hernandez as a replacement, which could trigger his exit from Milan” (Relevo).

The speculation adds an extra layer of intrigue to the upcoming transfer window, with Milan fans eagerly awaiting any developments.

As it stands, the stalemate over Davies’ renewal remains a pivotal factor in Theo Hernandez’s future.

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