Terracciano explains his goal in Milan’s Rossonero

Filippo Terracciano, the new addition to the Rossonero squad, has spoken to Milan TV after signing his new contract.

Regarding his objectives with the team, Terracciano stated his main goal is to assist the team and stand ready for the coach’s directives. His comments echoed a positive view of the team’s coach Stefano Pioli shared by Filippo’s father. He was reported to say Pioli was “a very straightforward person” and that he was excited about starting work with him.

Reminiscing his first confrontation with Milan in September, Terracciano revealed experiencing intense emotions while playing at San Siro. “The stadium is really significant, and so playing against Milan has already given me very strong emotions. I can hardly imagine what it feels like to play for Milan”, he suggested.

When asked about his role model, Terracciano, unsurprisingly, named football legend Cristiano Ronaldo as his childhood idol. However, over time he revealed having drawn inspiration from basketball legend Kobe Bryant for his “work ethic and many other things”, he implied.

Though these were Terracciano’s initial thoughts following the signing of his contract with Rossonero, fans and observers alike are eagerly awaiting his performance on the field.

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