Tebas continues opposition to Super League: Claims it’s impossible and unnecessary

Javier Tebas, the President of La Liga, has offered his views on the possibility of a Super League. The discussion took place during the AS awards.

“We read daily about ideas such as a Club World Cup, the Intercontinental Cup, a Super League, reforming the Champions League… and yet national competitions and the numerous clubs and players that do not feature in these tournaments are overlooked. This could lead to a reduction in competition-derived income, hence less money for player wages. Players and coaches could lose their jobs,” Tebas said.

The La Liga head also voiced his views on fairness among players and how a Super League could adversely affect them.

“Today I read a note from FIFPRO, which wisely argues for considering the health of players, but thinks we should also consider the rights of other players who do not participate in these competitions, as this could deprive them of their earning power”, Tebas added.

Tebas voiced his concerns on football’s recent focus on creating more tournaments and competitions, highlighting that this is not the solution to football’s problems.

“In recent years, we’ve seen numerous new competitions and tournaments being created, but this isn’t the solution to football’s woes. Super League? Totally impossible,” Tebas stated unequivocally.

When it comes to the legalities and administrative issues attached to the idea of a Super League, the head of the Spanish league thinks it’s unattainable. “The UEFA statute has been reformed so you have to apply two years in advance, go through an administrative procedure… I don’t see any club going in that direction. I speak to many and they won’t be there. Nor have they addressed issues relating to broadcasting rights and the necessary organisation for such a Super League. Therefore, you won’t see a Super League in two or four or six or eight years.”

Tebas concludes his perspective on a matter that has stirred up the football world by emphasising the importance and growth of national leagues.

“What is needed is for the national championships to continue to grow and follow the European formats as they are now. Which are accessed from the national championships. In 2022, I have already explained the format that they will announce on Thursday,” Tebas clarified.

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