Szczesny Holds Complex Discussions with Juventus over Salary

Wojciech Szczesny, the established goalkeeper for Juventus, faces uncertainties as his contract creeps towards its expiration in June. Negotiations on a renewal with The Old Lady are looking increasingly complicated due to wage issues.

Now in his seventh year with Juventus, the shot-stopper’s contract is set to expire in 2025 following an automatic renewal trigger last season based on his accumulated appearances. Szczesny has repeatedly stated his intent to close his footballing career in the Black and White stripes, a sentiment that the Juventus board echoes as they continue to favour retaining the star player. However, the key stumbling block remains his salary.

For an extension of one, or more, seasons, the Juventus hierarchy will propose a pay cut in line with their strategy of reducing wage expenditure and also taking into account the goalkeeper’s age. Szczesny’s renewal will be a key focus in the coming months at the Allianz Stadium. The situation will require all parties to sit down and seek a mutually gratifying solution to proceed further on their dugout sojourn together, according to Tuttosport.

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