Supercoppa Boss De Laurentiis Slams Those Who Want to Go to Arabia as ‘Deficient’

Aurelio De Laurentiis, President of Napoli, has expressed his thoughts on the Italian Super Cup being held in Saudi Arabia. In an interview with La Repubblica, De Laurentiis highlighted some concerns regarding the event.

De Laurentiis stated, “Arab countries need to regulate themselves in terms of women’s rights and labor conditions. When talking about sports, which should promote well-being and health, it worries me if these aspects are not being addressed. Have you seen what is happening in Israel? Could you imagine if there was an airspace blockade on those territories? Guys, have you realized that with four planes, we are transporting the beauty of 120 players, who are worth as much as they are? But you guys are deficient. All of this just to earn a few million more? Let’s hold it at the Olimpico stadium, why do we have to bother going there? It’s not that I want to boycott, I just said ‘think about it’.”

The President’s remarks reflect his concerns about the values that should be upheld in sports, particularly in light of recent events in Israel. De Laurentiis questions the decision to hold the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, emphasizing the importance of considering the well-being of individuals involved in the competition. He suggests that the event should be held at the Olimpico stadium instead. It is worth noting that De Laurentiis does not intend to boycott the event, but rather wants to encourage reflection and discussion on the matter.

Source: La Repubblica

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