Super League will continue, always watching Lazio, says Tare

Igli Tare, former Sporting Director of Lazio, has broken his silence following his departure from the Italian club, sharing his views on the team and the controversial Super League concept.

Speaking to ‘Cronache di Spogliatoio’, Tare remarked, “I think there will be a continuation. But it remains to be seen whether it can really hurt football. It’s hard to be for or against it. The founders of this project are heavily indebted renowned clubs. One must understand the path that will be taken.”

Tare continued, commenting on the changing landscape of football today, “It will be hard to see leagues upon leagues. It’s too early right now to have a clear idea. At this moment, UEFA is very firm and rigid.”

As he reflected on his time at Lazio, Tare expressed positive sentiments, sharing, “I have a beautiful feeling for my history at Lazio. I follow the results with interest and hope they maintain the level reached in recent years.”

When asked about potential future coaches, Tare mentioned Thiago Motta and said, “There’s De Zerbi who is now mature to make a quality jump in some big team. I would call him to my next team, why not.” The source of the direct quotes is ‘Cronache di Spogliatoio’.

Details about further comments by Tare can be found on Lazio News 24.

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