Super League, Reichart: EU Supreme Court to Rule on December 21

Reichart, a 49-year-old German, has headed the Super League project for over a year and has recently shed light on a situation far from being resolved. His comments were reported by Italian sports newspaper Tuttosport.

According to Reichart, “On December 21, the Supreme Court of the European Union will render a final decision on our antitrust case against UEFA and FIFA. There is confusion about what is happening. Let’s make it clear: UEFA has an absolute monopoly on club football. The Court will determine whether this monopoly is allowed to continue or if it is destined to fail.”

Reichart’s comments highlight the ongoing legal battles between the controversial Super League project and established football organisations UEFA and FIFA. The disputed case is expected to reach a conclusion this December, which could have significant implications for the future of club football in Europe.

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