Super League: Reichart Confident – ‘We Will Convince Europe’s Top Clubs’

Bernd Reichart, the CEO of A22, has openly criticised UEFA and voiced his support for the controversial Super League project during an interview with Cadena Cope.

Claiming that the modern game is “neither passionate nor loyal to the monopoly”, Reichart drew attention to what he described as the ‘long arm of a 70-year monopoly’. He expressed doubt about UEFA’s reputed pressure tactics on the football clubs. He said, “We are being led to believe in continual statements from numerous clubs that we are witnessing the flexing of a monopoly that has reigned for 70 years”.

The A22 CEO mentioned that they aim to convince the top clubs in Europe to join their Super League venture, arguing that he has opened communication channels for dialogues with many clubs. He clarified, however, that so far no attempts have been made to strike agreements or conduct negotiations. Reichart stated, “The new era of dialogue has begun; at some point, we will announce the clubs that will form the Superleague”.

Reichart then dismissed notions that a forced recruitment campaign is underway to rush clubs into declaring their allegiance to the Super League. In his words, “We will not resort to coercion to make clubs declare ‘I am here’ today. We are not here to build walls, we are here to unite, not divide”.

He went ahead to promise that the Super League will offer ‘the best football in the world’ absolutely free, banking on advertising as its primary source of revenue. According to him, the venture has the potential to generate ‘more than 3 billion Euros annually from advertising’.

Addressing rumours that the Super League is backed by Saudi investors, Reichart assured that funds are being provided by investors from Europe and the United States. He also hinted at an additional premium subscription model specifically targeted at fervent fans.

“The Super League is better for Girona”, Reichart argued, voicing for many clubs dissatisfied with the current Champions League set-up. He asserted that many have experienced the ‘poisonous prize’ of qualification for the competition, only to lose matches and return home within three months.

Adding further criticisms of UEFA and the ECA (European Club Association), Reichart lamented, “ECA and UEFA are the same thing. ECA bars any of its members from taking UEFA to the court. If you stand for your rights, you are instantly expelled. There is no freedom; do not be deceived. UEFA is the judge, the public prosecutor, the police, the business monopoly”.

Reichart concluded by urging clubs to manage their competitions independently, as is common practice across other sports. He contended that under such a structure, clubs can negotiate with UEFA or choose to participate in the Champions League if they wish to do so.

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